Tsouknida Stone Cottages

Complex of 5 stone houses with gardens

A private development of a complex of 5 stone cottages with an exceptional design, large living areas, huge terraces, a big sunny outdoor swimming pool and magnificent Ionian Sea view. Located outside of Parga, only 30 minutes from Preveza-Aktio Airport, at Tsouknida village. Its inhabitants enjoy a calm and peaceful lifestyle in an area of 3.500,00 m2 with great valley views.

Ground Floor – Type A

This complex of villas consists of five villas. The plot is characterized by gently sliding and so no villa prevents the view of the others. The four villas share the same structure (type A) and some changes appear only in the fifth villa ( type B). Each type A villa contains two bedrooms, a bathroom, a storage space and an open plan living area, which leads to the shaded outdoor space of the villa.

Ground Floor – Type B

In the type B villa the one bedroom is transformed in a room of secondary use, which can host an office-study area, more private than the living room, or storage uses. The rest of the rooms and uses remain the same.