Anthousa Bostania Villas

3 stone villas with swimming pools

A privileged development of 3 holiday villas with large living areas both inside and outside, sunny outdoor swimming pools and great views. Located in a 5.000,00 m2 verdant plot, where the sun goes between the hills, only 5 minutes from Parga’s center, can offer either a relaxing time in the veranda around the swimming pool, either the choice to take a stroll in the picturesque alleys of Parga.

Ground Floor

All villas share the same structure. The living area and the bedrooms open up to the South direction, leaving the bathrooms and secondary spaces to the north side of the building. Each villa accomodates two bedrooms, one bathrooms and one bedroom with ensuite bathroom which can host the guests of the owners and it has separate entrance from the main villa entrance for more privacy. The placement of the outside living space just across the inside one, contributes to the augmentation of the common living space of the villa and it is placed underneath pergolas. Each villa contains a swimming pool.

Project Gallery